Blog Your Story

Blogging your mental ill-health story helps other struggling Londoners to feel validated and less alone. It can also help unfamiliar others to understand the realities of what’s going on. 

We want to hear stories from:

  • People who’ve faced mental ill-health themselves;
  • People supporting others who struggle;
  • Those with a professional perspective of their experience in the healthcare sector or workplace (e.g. GP’s, HR managers).

Read Penny’s personal story – “How best to label mental ill-health?”



ONE – Write for your audience:

Who do you want to reach? Those with mental ill-health? Or those who’ve no experience of it? What do you want them to understand or feel?

TWO – Topic ideas: 
  • Your mental health journey.
  • Which coping strategies worked for you.
  • Your experience of stigma and how this was detrimental.
  • What keeps you going?
  • What support you need from people.
  • Explain what ‘unhelpful help’ has a negative impact?
  • Your experience as an employer; line manager; or health professional struggling to support your team/patients in the workplace.
THREE – Less is more:

Stay simple. 400-500 words is ideal, and address one concept per post. If you want to write more, please write another post,

FOUR – Submit it to us here 


FIVE – Get it out there: 

Once we publish your blog post, share it to your social media, tag with #VoiceYourStory.