Jobs in Mind 25th Anniversary Celebration

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2014 marks the 25th Anniversary of Jobs in Mind.  We celebrated with a party in Camden on 10th July.  Past and present staff, Trustees and service users were entertained by poet and comedian John Hegley who later cut the Anniversary cake.

It was an opportunity to look back at the 25 years of our work in London and and celebrate our acheivements.  In an impromptu moment, one of the service users from our Urban Growth project spoke with passion on what a huge difference Jobs in Mind had made, not only to her life but to the many with whom the charity had worked.

Current chair of Jobs in Mind, Linda Massie led the tributes to staff, funders and the many people who had worked so hard to deliver so much help to people experiencing mental ill health.   Clinical Director Andreas Ginkell reminded us about the unique contribution of Jobs in Mind; that we work to support individuals whilst maintaining a key understanding of mental health and how it can impact on an individual’s ability to work.  Former Service Manager Sharon Hammond then spoke with pride about the range of services the organisation has provided over the years.  Finally, new Executive Director Chris Thomas spoke about the huge potential for Jobs in Mind and the impact we can make in the future.

Special thanks are due to Trustee Penny Abraham and the small staff team who worked so hard to organise the evening and make it such a success.

The Valentino’s

The Valentinos3

John Hegley cutting the celebration cake

John cuts cake

 Penny serving the celebration cake 

Penny about to serve cake





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