Social Story

Support our awareness campaign on social media.

Help us normalise the diversity of mental health. Post about the #VoiceYourStory campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or other platforms.

Show your peers how important it is to face up to the human reality of mental health.


  1. Download the ready-to-go #VoiceYourStory sharable image.
  2. Post it to your social media profiles and include the #VoiceYourStory tag, along with #MentalHealth. Do add your own message if you feel drawn to. Speak from the heart. Let people know why its important.
  3. What next? Perhaps your post will trigger a conversation. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? So it’s good to be prepared for this. If it doesn’t, trust someone out there will have seen your post and it inspired them.
  4. Check out what else you can do next.