Video Your Story

Create a video of your mental health story.

All you need is a smart phone. Video is an excellent way to impact people in the digital world. Your story matters, and you do have a voice. Check out our tips for getting started.


What Message do you want to share? Some ideas: 
  • What does mental ill-health feel like? How might you describe it to others who don’t understand?
  • What one small action would give you a kickstart? To be seen? Some training?
  • What simple coping advice you learnt from your experience?
  • What “help” from others has a negative impact? What works better?
Good video tips: 
  1. Keep it simple – Address one topic per video.
  2. Smart phone – Keep it steady by propping it up against an object. Put it in landscape (sideways).
  3. Environment – Try to be somewhere quiet, with good lighting.
  4. Be open and heartfelt – Sharing your story with your authentic voice will resonate with viewers most. It’s okay if you cry or misspeak. You’re sharing a real human story, not a professional acting performance.
  5. Edit it – Try keep it to 30 seconds, or 2 minutes maximum. Short and simple is the most profound. Edit with YouTube’s video editor, Adobe clip app, or Windows Movie Maker app.
  6. Share it! – Either send it to us at and we’ll post on our channels. Or post to your own social media. Please help us drive momentum and awareness by using the #VoiceYourStory and #MentalHealth tag.