Visualise Your Story

A picture says a thousand words.

Share your own meme or image using the #VoiceYourStory tag and templates.


What Message do you want to share? Some ideas: 
  • What does mental ill-health feel like? How might you describe it to help others who don’t understand?
  • What one small action would give you a kickstart? To be seen? Some training? Someone to hold your hand?
  • What simple coping strategies you learnt would benefit others?
  • What ‘help’ has a negative impact? What support works better?
The Visuals: 
  • Download our printable or shareable #VoiceYourStory images if you prefer to use them as templates.
  • Draw your own picture, cartoon, doodle, or use your own original photograph depicting what you want to say.
  • Use a quote expressing your message. Create a simple image with bright colours, and add the #VoiceYourStory tag.
  • Share a photo with us of your written message on paper. Or perhaps your selfie holding up the message.
Submission options: 


  • Post the image to your own social media platforms.  Tag @JobsInMind1, and the #VoiceYourStory and #MentalHealth tags.