Work Break Story

Take a break with a colleague.

Start a conversation in the workplace around mental health.

We spend a third of our waking adult lives in the workplace. We have to cope with a lot at work. Often it is tough. It’s important to remember organisations are made up of people. People with strengths, limitations, and emotions.

Taking some time out to connect with a colleague, for coffee or lunch, can make a massive difference to their workplace experience.

Perhaps a colleague is behaving a little different. Or maybe not – some people hide their struggles well, but they need support all the same. Just check in with them, have a quick one-to-one connection.


  1. Take some time out with a colleague – a quick chat, a coffee, or a walk outside.
  2. Even a quick email or message to check in with them, let them know you’re there when they need to chat.
  3. Ask how they are, and be open, be present, and listen.
  4. Remember, you’re not a health care professional. You’re not responsible for your colleague’s health, but you can encourage them to seek professional help if they need it.