Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs give some brief answers to our most commonly asked questions. It’s a work in progress.  If you’ve a question that wasn’t answered, please let us know here so we can fix that.  If we can’t directly help you, we aim to put you in touch with organisations that can.

Crises / In case of emergencies

In the case of a crisis please always seek immediate help.  Jobs In Mind are not able to provide crisis information or support – please contact the Samaritans on 116 123 or the NHS 111 in emergencies.

I need to use a Jobs In Mind service / I need to refer someone else for service

» I want to refer myself / my employee / my patient / someone else for a service, how do I do this?

Well done on taking this first step! Click this link for our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as we can, usually within two working days.

» Are you an employment agency?

No. We cannot assist you with job searches. We work with clients struggling with mental health issues.

» I need a UK immigration permit, can you help me?

No. We are not an immigration agency, nor an employment agency.

» What London boroughs does your service cover?

We currently work in Kensington & Chelsea and the Queens Park, and Paddington area of Westminster, our WRAP project for young people covers Camden  Islington and Harringay. If you live outside of these boroughs, please see this directory of similar services.

About the Jobs In Mind services

» Is Jobs In Mind part of Mind charity?

Great question.  Whilst both are registered mental health charities, we are completely separate.  Jobs In Mind provide one-to-one advice, mentoring, and support services to Londoners facing employment-related mental health challenges. We also campaign to raise public and employer awareness around mental health and employment. The Mind charity are an educational and advocacy charity across the UK.  We partner with Mind in Kensington & Chelsea and we’re big fans of their work.

» What is the Jobs In Mind registered charity number?

Registered charity number England 801945.

 I want to get involved with the work of Jobs In Mind

» What is the best way to give to Jobs In Mind?

Your generosity is so appreciated! Please follow this link to our donation page.

» How can I get involved with the #VoiceYourStory awareness campaign?

Amazing! We warmly welcome everyone, from all walks of life to get involved. Whether you experience mental health challenges; or you’re an employer or a health practitioner, or anything else, please join your voice with ours. Visit our campaign page here for details.

» I have another idea for an awareness campaign or event, what should I do?

We warmly encourage this and would love to consider if we have the remit to support – please send your idea to us.

» What other awareness work does Jobs In Mind recommend?

Please sign the Time to Change pledge end mental health discrimination! You can sign as an individual or as an employer / organisation.

» I am interested in employment opportunities at Jobs In Mind.

Great! Any current employment and volunteering opportunities are listed on our vacancies page.

 I want to know quick statistics about mental health

» What is the UK’s economic cost of poor mental health?

An enormous £105 billion per annum. Which is about the same as the NHS budget.

» What is the cost of mental health problems among workers?

£34.9 billion every year in the UK.

» What is the cost of ineffective presenteeism?

This refers to employed people not taking time off work and thus not performing optimally.  This costs £21.2 billion to the UK economy annually.

» How prevalent is mental ill-health?

It’s massive.  1 in 4 Britons will experience it in some form in any one year. Right now 1 in 6 workers is dealing with anxiety, stress, or depression.  It’s indiscriminate, it could affect anyone. By 2020, depression will be the second most common cause of ill health worldwide.

» Why is mental ill-health such a big problem?

There are a host of reasons.

  • Principally because people don’t talk about it, there is huge negative stigma and sense of shame attached to it.  This has led to extensive discrimination of people suffering with poor mental health meaning they miss out on equal opportunities, support, and suffer unnecessarily in silence.
  • 8/10 employers have no mental health policy to help staff sustain good mental health.
  • While stress has forced 1 in 5 workers to call in sick, 95% have lied to their boss about the real reason for not turning up.

 Other FAQs

» What is the Jobs In Mind privacy statement?

At Jobs In Mind we are committed to protecting your privacy. This statement describes how Jobs In Mind collects and uses personal information about people whose information is shared with us via website.  The terms of this statement are subject to change, so please check it from time to time.  If you have any queries about this privacy statement please contact our offices at Jobs In Mind, Caxton House, 129 St John’s Way, London N19 3RQ.

» What is your photo policy?

We will always seek your permission where possible before using your images on our media platforms. These applications promote the Jobs In Mind service and awareness objectives. This may include our printed and display materials; adverts; audiovisual and electronic materials; and any other media we may use in the future.

» Links

The Jobs In Mind website includes links to external organisation websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these websites, and it is at your discretion to read their policies.