Who we are

Since 1989, Jobs in Mind have been providing specialist employment support and advice for those struggling with work-related issues caused by stress, anxiety or mental health conditions. Our mission has always been to provide a range of services that encourage our clients to participate in activities and schemes that are right for them and to – ultimately – help improve their mental health and wellbeing so that they can thrive in the workplace.

What does Jobs in Mind do?

Because we believe that mental health conditions are best treated by a holistic combination of medical, psychiatric and therapeutic approaches, we work closely with local authorities, the NHS, local health services and mental health organisations to provide everything you need to thrive in the workplace, from therapeutic treatment to a support network.

Over the past 27 years, we have seen that participants who are able to choose and take an active role in their own development are significantly more likely to find and sustain employment. That’s why we believe that it is important for each client to be able to choose the opportunities, schemes and courses of action that are right for them, and encourage them to take an active role in every stage of the process.

‘I have worked alongside Jobs in Mind in IAPT since 2009. We have found the Jobs in Mind service an invaluable resource for both clinicians and patients. Having the Jobs in Mind staff co-located with our teams has meant that they have been able to provide a service which is responsive, timely and effective to our patients and has complemented and augmented the psychological service which we provide. The outcomes for patients have been exceptional.’

Dr Clair Pollard, Central and North-West London NHS Foundation Trust

Our staff

Alison Reeves

Alison is an employment adviser and trainer to young people on WRAP. She has a background in youth work and 14 years experience in coaching, training, advice and guidance.


Jim Forster

Jim is an Employment Adviser on the Community Living Well Project providing Job Retention and Employment Support based in the Westminster IAPT Team. He has previously worked in Camden and Islington for vocational, mental health and other disability services.


Pauline Murphy

Pauline is an Employment Adviser for Community Living Well with twelve years experience of supporting people to find work and training. She specialises in working with young people with emotional and mental health issues.


Amanda Cullum

Amanda is an Administration and Finance manager. She has over ten years experience supporting mental health projects in Camden, Islington and Westminster.


Lindsay Lotun

Lindsay is a Navigator within the Community Living Well project. She has a wealth of experience in the employment and disability advice sectors.


Michael Roberts

Michael is a Navigator for the Community Living Well project. He has worked in a variety of mental health services including bridge building, befriending, and community based recovery services.


Jonathan Bowen

Jonathan provides IT training for service users across the projects. He has several years experience in delivering IT training and doing terribly clever things with computers.