House inspections are considered as an indispensable area of the entire home buying process. Purchasing a house without having it fully inspected is just the same as purchasing a vehicle without a test drive. Any good and reliable real estate agent will definitely recommend that you include a thorough home inspection clause with the help of a professional the moment you’re making an offer on a particular property. This often means that you will be paying a fee for the house inspection since you’re going to hire a professional in this field. Thus, you need to find out what you’ll be really getting out of your money when you hire a professional home inspector. 


The Home Inspector’s Value 

A qualified inspector combs the accessible and visible areas of a property in order identify any safety and health problems, may it be negative or positive property conditions as well as any issue that need more specialized attention.  

A thorough home inspection often includes structural element checking like the walls, foundation, doors, windows, basement, attic, crawlspace, roof, as well as insulation. Aside from that, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, and electrical systems are also a big part of the home inspection process. Sometimes, the home inspection process can even include appliance examination and must also report if there is any termite or other insect trace.  

The moment the house inspection is done, a professional home inspector will provide a comprehensive written report which is detailing about the issues found in the house. There are also some very important things that you need to bear in mind during home inspection reports and these are the following: 

  • No house is perfect. It’s not uncommon for a detailed home inspection report to include fifty or more problems. 
  • Home inspection doesn’t have to be your primary basis in buying so don’t consider it as a pass or fail decision. In fact, the home inspection will be giving you helpful information you really need so you can come up with the right decision like if you want to negotiate with the seller regarding the problems of the house so they can fix them first or reduce its price. 
  • A home inspection is not considered as a warranty. A detailed home inspection report only identifies the problems that are found during the day of the inspection and it cannot predict any problem that might arise after a few days or a few months down the road. 

 Why You Should Leave it to the Professionals 

Home inspection is one of those very important and complicated jobs that should be left to the hands of the professionals and experts in this field. Only a few people have the expertise and knowledge to identify plumbing, electrical, as well as structural problems of a house. Combine that with all the emotional factors that you’ll go through when buying a home and it is very easy to realize that you really need a reliable home inspection. If you need a professional home inspection, contact Grand Rapids Home Inspection.